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The cozy shop is clad in naturally insulating concrete, keeping it cool in summer and toasty in winter. Coupled with the glass curtains at the front and rear of the boutique, natural daylighting and temperature control keep Gamine’s energy usage low. Branches and reclaimed pieces of wood are used throughout as clothing racks, hangers, necklace hooks and shelves.

In addition to the decor of the shop itself, Gamine & Gallery’s stock of clothing and jewelry is made by independent designers such as The Future Future’s geometric 3D printed jewelry. Aaron Shraeter’s haunting paintings of teeth on recycled pieces of wood pair nicely with the innovative clothing for sale. Guest speakers and other events can also be enjoyed by the community inside or on the back patio, and in the winter, the patio will be transformed into a yurt with a futuristic shape.

A small shelf of carefully curated books in the front of the shop is now hosting Paper, owner Beth Fiore’s pet project. If funded, Paper will be a library and resource of art books, periodicals, rare books, monographs and other creative research materials that will be available for the Williamsburg community to come in, peruse, and take inspiration from. To sweeten the deal and create more inspiration, guest curators from the literary and art worlds will pull together shelves of their favorite books, giving guests a snippet into their own personal inspirations. Paper is currently a fundraiser project on Small Knot- should it be funded, it will open later this year. Help out Paper by donating here!

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat