Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center, Park Slope, sustainable eating, farm to table, organic, fair trade, food education, nutrition education

Located in a gorgeous exposed-beam, loft-like space, Ger-Nis’ facility has everything from fully equipped kitchens to classrooms and dining areas. Cooking classes can be taken in groups or individually, and cover an array of healthful living recipes — even a class on making homeopathic beauty products! Local chefs and farmers cameo and offer their expertise for special classes as well.

Inside the classroom, Ger-Nis lays the foundation to build healthier selves, but also healthier communities. In a world where words like “organic” and “fair trade” equate to food trends, their classes break down the ethics of food production and sourcing. Students leave understanding just what it means to buy organic and why they should, rather than just thinking of them as mere buzz words. More importantly, students will share their knowledge with their friends and family, slowly building a community of food-forward people.

Ger-Nis is also committed to teaching kids the importance of healthy foods, on their bodies, and the environment. Their kids classes combine hands-on cooking with lecture style lessons on sustainability and nutrition.

Ger-Nis creates connections between the community and its food, from farm to table. The Herb Center provides fresh, local herbs for the community, while the Culinary Center educates just how important sustainable eating can be to a better life.

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