Great news tree huggers: MillionTreesNYC just launched its seventh tree giveaway season and for the first time ever, the green initiative will be handing out a variety of highly coveted fruit trees! Hosted by the New York Restoration Project (NYRP), the 40+ giveaways across the five boroughs will distribute 4,500 fruit trees this fall. But hurry–this limited quantity of plants is available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Developed as part of the MillionTreesNYC initiative to plant and care for one million new trees in New York City by 2015, these semi-annual giveaways facilitated by NYRP and 35 local organizations have formed the country’s largest municipal tree giveaway program. “The enthusiasm for planting trees on private property in New York City has been overwhelmingly positive and growing over the years,” says Mike Duran-Mitchell, NYRP’s Director of Giveaways. “We’re happy to kick off yet another season of giveaways and to continue growing our city’s tree canopy, with the help of our sponsors, partner organizations and New Yorkers taking home and planting trees.”

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Giveaway participants can register online for a tree in advance or attend a giveaway event, where trees will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. An NYRP representative on-site will provide guidance on how to properly plant and care for the trees, as well as instruct residents where the trees should be planted to ensure longevity. Fruit tree varieties offered include Indian Blood peaches, Asian pears, Chicago Hardy figs, Prima almonds, and Pristine apples.

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Images via New York Restoration Project, © Emily Kinsolving