Since the National Trust for Historic Preservation and People for the Pavilion announced their competition for the redesign of the iconic New York State Pavilion last month, numerous viable entries have been submitted to transform the derelict site into a modern landmark. As one might expect, forward-thinking innovators have come forth with ideas ranging from creating a vibrant arts and community space to a state-of-the-art space museum. However, there is one entry that stands out from the rest with its juicy ludicracy: a proposal to turn the historic structure into a giant cheeseburger museum.

New York State Pavillion

Although it’s not rare for architects to come up with pie-in-the-sky structures for design competitions, the jokester who submitted this particular entry seems to prefer buns to piecrust. The tongue-in-cheek design scheme calls for topping the pavilion’s beloved observation towers with mini burgers that would provide visitors with gorgeous skyline views while they chow down on some “juicy, flavorful, burgery goodness.” Of course, if you’re worried that the design is only for carnivores, the entry even offers up a vegan chickpea substitute option.

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However, it’s not all cheesy pipe dreams at this museum. The design also includes a few resilient features such as using cheeseburger grease as weatherization against New York’s harsh winters. Now, that’s what I call scrumptious sustainability!

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Lead image via New York State Pavilion Ideas Competition. Remaining images via Kevin Lee for Inhabitat.