Last year, baker Renee Baumann’s epic gingerbread brownstone paid delicious homage to Brooklyn’s most recognizable homes. This year, the designer and chef is aiming even higher with a plan to create an entire block of yummy edible brownstones for charity! Creating the gingerbread Brooklyn will certainly be fun, but it’s quite an undertaking too, so Baumann is asking other g-bread enthusiasts to join her cookie conquest.

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If you have a knack for crafting architecturally-sound cookies, you can sign up to join Baumann in her makeshift studio in Boerum Hill. Transforming the kitchen at 61 Local into her own personal gingerbread studio, Baumann has already begun work on the block-long confection.

With degrees in both culinary arts and architecture, Baumann is poised to take on the gingerbread challenge. Her goal this year is to create a gingerbread row of brownstones that is five times the size of last year’s. Three more bay windowed brownstones will join a larger, central double-wide brownstone in true Brooklyn style.

With help of other local cookie makers (that means you), the gingerbread brownstones will be baked, constructed and decorated over the course of 9 workshop days. The block will be on display for part of December at 61 Local before being separated and auctioned off. FAll of the proceeds will very fittingly go to City Harvest.

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