We’ve seen LED art projects popping up left and right in NYC, and now it seems the Bronx’s Grand Concourse underpass will be joining the lightshow party. Word on the street is that artist Alison Sky and the NYC Cultural Affairs Department will decking out the 161st Street arch with shiny steel ribbons and sheets which will be gorgeously backlit with blue and green LED lights! The new design is not only formally fantastic, but also quite functional, as the arches will help guide drivers into the tunnel and even protect pedestrians walking above the underpass.

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Bringing Alison Sky’s design to life has been nearly a decade in the making. It was first selected by the Department of Cultural Affairs all the way back in 2002, byt the Department of Transportation had to rebuild the concourse bridge and gain approval from a slew of city officials before any artsy details could be applied.  Now work is finally underway to reinvent the rundown underpass entrances, literally lighting up the neighborhood.

Both the east and west entrances will be covered in a steel arch that pops up to the overhead archway, serving as a fence for pedestrians. The west opening will be backlit with blue LEDs and the east opening will shine with bright green ones. The Concourse project is part of the Cultural Affairs Department’s “Percent for Art” program that saves 1% of our capital budget for public art installations. Let’s hope we see many more soon!

via DNA info