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The High Line’s final section will follow the rails from West 30th Street to West 34th street and jut out from 10th to 12th avenue. The current plan is to weave the green pathway around the proposed skyscrapers, creating a new and vibrant neighborhood not unlike the fate of Chelsea when the High Line began. Mayor Bloomberg has long had his eye on this industrial area, making plans left and right to revitalize West Manhattan and calling it “one last frontier” on the island. The High Line will not only include seating areas for adults, but also a large play place for children, with rubber climbing beams.

Plans are expected to be finished within the next year or so, with a slated opening date of Spring 2014, but thankfully we won’t have to wait too long to sneak a peak! The Friends of The High Line will soon open the walkway as is for visitors to experience the wild, natural overgrowth that currently overruns the rails before major beautification begins.

+ Friends of The High Line

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