Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to give a California run for its money by amping up New York’s solar game. In his recent State of the State address, the governor announced a plan to expand New York’s renewable energy sources using California’s expansive green power systems as a model. A $1.5 billion solar program will join a $1 billion Green Bank for renewables, as well as 3,000 electric vehicle charging stations, spurring a healthy green energy competition between the two states.

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Cuomo has recognized renewable energy as the wave of the future and wants New York to be a contender as the first metropolis to embrace and thrive on alternative energy. Cuomo’s plan, dubbed NY-Sun, would install solar arrays around the city to help offset the power needed from the traditional grid. The photovoltaic systems would sprout up everywhere from apartment and commercial rooftops to power plants on the ground. The $1.5 billion solar program would dedicate $150 million annually for ten years, gradually installing and supporting the construction of new systems.

The Green Bank would function as a subsidy incentive for private investments for new renewable energy projects. This funding source will help to realize green projects without the time-consuming process of applying for federal funding, helping these initiatives begin construction more quickly.

Finally, the plan will install electric vehicle charging stations all over New York. 3,000 new and easily accessible stations are expected to spring up over the next five years.

Via Forbes

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