Giant monster weeds have invaded Prospect Park, and now the popular green space is looking for brave volunteers to help fight the infestation. The invasive plants, called phragmites, can grow up to 18 feet tall, and have been a bane on the park for years now, blocking beautiful views of its only lake.

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In order to vanquish the weeds, the Prospect Park Alliance has launched a new campaign called Fight the Phrag. They’re asking able-bodied people to sign up for their Weekend Woodland Corps on August 16th and 23rd to help stop the nuisance in its tracks.

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Volunteers should be ready to get dirty. PPA will hook you up with rubber waders so that you can venture into the phrag and flatten it down using a plywood plank. Once all of the weeds have been flattened, the plan is to then cover them with a heavy tarp, which will stay in place for a year so that no light can reach them. After the phragmites die out, the Alliance hopes to plant native plants in their place so that the local habitat can thrive there once again.

Interested in fighting the good phrag fight? Sign up here (remember to select either August 16th or 23rd).

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