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GDT’s East Village kitchen project combines the use of sustainable and salvaged materials with efficient design. Storage is maximized by creating spaces to both display and store – making dishes and glassware part of the décor, and the kitchen does double duty as both a place to prepare good and  a bar-like gathering area. The countertop and cabinets were made from historic wood salvaged from New York buildings, adding a bit of local history into the client’s home. Furthering this historical flavor, GDT decided to reuse a vintage 1950s stove and 1930s sink, that were found in a Manhattan building. The kitchen is compact, stylish and environmentally sound.

Not limited to kitchens, GDT is also responsible for the casket-factory-turned-bar, Pine Box, which Inhabitat visted last year. The space is known for its cozy wooden interior and vegan Bloody Marys. Whether the project is a kitchen, commercial space or apartment interior, GDT uses their commitment to being environmentally friendly as a driving force in design, rather than a limitation.