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The main objective of this unusual design is to create an extension of the public space around the High Line, with particular attention given to all things green. The green roof provides insulation and captures rainwater runoff that is used for irrigation and to cool mechanical systems and the green ramps are mini greenhouses that provide a space for members of the community to interact with botanists working at the research center and learn all about urban farming.

Creating an energy-efficient structure was important. The zig-zagging shape of the program promotes cross-ventilation and is covered in a special thermochromic paint that changes color depending on the outdoor temperature and allows the building to radiate solar gain. Finally, the designers have taken an unusual approach to renewable energy generation. In addition to Magenn Power’s great balloon generators, they propose to use HumDinger’s cables as a façade, or Windtronics by Honeywell to produce electricity. And then in the summer months, UGE’s solar panels could provide energy to some mechanical systems.

Via Arch Daily