This might be the end of an era. For the past 4 years, 222 Bowery Street has been the home of environmentally-conscious building supply store Green Depot, but recently, locals have noted Sinvin Real Estate’s lease signage outside its door. During its short life on the Bowery, the shop has filled a much sought-after niche for affordable green products and approachable DIY options for home and business renovations in New York City, so we’re sad that it appears to be up for rent.

Green Depot‘s 222 Bowery location received a bit of celebrity status a few years back when it was bestowed the title of “first LEED Platinum retail space in New York State”. Because of its landmark status, renovation on the building was kept to a minimum so as not to disrupt its original form. Still, we wonder whether the space’s future occupants will hold the same sustainable design values that Green Depot did.

Green Depot’s Bowery location is also its main store, which has set off a few red flags. Is the Green Depot closing, or just moving to another location? When asked, a representative of the store replied he could not answer the question at this time. However, New Yorkers hoping to do some remodeling may take comfort knowing that the store’s other New York locations in Brooklyn don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Via BoweryBoogie