RKTB Architects recently announced that its sustainable and affordable housing complex in the Bronx, East Clarke Place Court, is now 100% occupied. The 100,000-square-foot structure boasts a host of sustainable features, many of which are not commonly found in low-cost housing. In fact, the complex is one of the first projects to meet the criteria of the Enterprise Green Communities program, which helps make affordable and sustainable architecture more accessible to low-income families.

East Clarke Place Court

East Clarke Place Court is a large complex comprised of two separate buildings joined with shared parking and a landscaped open green space in between. Each of the 106 units have bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles, and custom wood cabinets. Large bay windows provide a pleasant, inviting atmosphere for the interior living and community spaces. On the exterior, panels of multi-colored brick, inspired by older the Art Deco style commonly found in the Bronx, give a unique identity to the building.

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The architects’ vision was focused on providing much more than the cold, sterile environment typically found in affordable housing buildings and included additional amenities such as a recreation room, a rentable community facility space, and laundry facilities. At the heart of the two buildings is a landscaped outdoor courtyard, which provides a safe, inviting green space for the East Clarke Place Court community.

At the hands of the architects and guided by the requirements of the “Green Communities Criteria,” the building contains numerous sustainable features such as highly insulated walls, light-colored roofing and pavement to reduce heat gain, an energy consumption monitoring system and sustainable, recycled and regional building materials.

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Images via Albert Vecerka/Esto