Green Map, the open source system that maps everything eco, is one of our go-to resources for discovering sustainable businesses, local initiatives, and green-living resources. Now the organization has just launched a new map that’s tracking everything energy-related in New York City. Aptly called the NYC Energy Map, the new guide shows green and LEED buildings, bike lanes, solar power systems, parks, pedestrian plazas, and much more. With more than 460 places currently mapped, the NYC Energy Map visualizes the abundance of sustainable energy in New York City.

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The Green Map team used a variety of resources to populate the Energy Map, including several NYC maps that they had created before about LEED buildings and sustainable sites. They also gathered information from the NYC Solar Map created by CUNY, as well as Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC initiatives and data from the U.S. Green Buildings Council.

The result brings together all of the green energy sites, whether they are solar, wind, or geothermal, and visualizes them next to other renewable trends like bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, and open spaces. While you may not considering a park or community garden to be representational of “sustainable energy,” all green spaces help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Bike lanes are outlined in red, and each point is marked by an icon, identified in the key to the right. Clicking on the icon brings up the name of the location and its basic information, and you can expand the window to learn more about it. To see the definition of each icon, simply hold your mouse over the image in the expanded window. You can sort the locations by type — route or place — or by theme: nature, sustainable living, culture and society.

Like all of Green Map’s projects, the NYC Energy map is a work in progress, and they want you to contribute. You can suggest sites to be added to the map, and you can add more info, photos, videos, or other documents to the existing sites.

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