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The Prattsville Art Center & Residency will bring art and culture to the rural area not far from New York City. The project will renovate the disused Greene County Historical Register and add an additional building to house artist residencies and programs. The 2,000 square foot building, which was badly damaged by flooding from Hurricane Irene, will be rejuvenated, and used to house a sprawling gallery space, internet café and art classrooms.

The new center will take over the site of a decaying barn, with a three story structure perched on a stilted foundation, creating an open-air ground floor loggia. Clad in cedar, the building is designed with a pitched roof, to emulate the barn that once stood on the site. Elevating the building on stilts was not only a design decision, but also part of disaster prevention design, allowing the building to survive future flooding. Open and airy, the design highlights natural light, capped off with a solarium on the roof. The roof will be home to a lush garden in a park like setting, as well as an event space.

Designed with energy efficient technology, the new Prattsville Art Center will not only reenliven the community by creating a cultural hub, but also serve as an example of disaster prevention architecture for locals to follow.

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