NYU is a huge presence in New York City, and it seems nowadays you can hardly turn a street corner without seeing one of the university’s plaques. Now city officials are contemplating whether to extend NYU’s reach even further, as the university would like to acquire four more downtown buildings for its kingdom. But many, including actor Matthew Broderick and even some NYU staff, are opposed to the spread, stating that NYU’s expansion will ruin the already dwindling creative spirit of Greenwich Village.

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NYU supporters and administration in favor of acquiring the buildings claim that hot new facilities will attract the world’s top students and educators. Aside from the four towers the school is eyeing, it plans to add 6 million square feet to its repertoire by just 2031, making it the biggest facility in New York City. The new buildings under discussion would include dorms, science labs, classrooms and performance space.

But the opposition doesn’t want NYU’s grubby hands turning any more of the last of the bohemian history in the West Village into school buildings. A hearing held on June 29th included many residents speaking out, including Broderick, asking to preserve what is left of the neighborhood. Fear of the loss of sunlight and green space was also a big concern for the neighborhood residents, as well as the eyesore potential of new high rises.

The Planning Commission and City Council are expected to take the Greenwich Village residents’ plea  into consideration, and are voting on July 25.

Via CBS News

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