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The glowing installation is inspired by the artist’s childhood in Peru. Called “Uros,” the installation is a series of topographical references, which light up with energy efficient LED lights. As visitors enter the Issey Miyake store, they are greeted with a series of these spheres, the largest rising almost four feet off the ground and in diameter.  Made from soft translucent materials, the various sized orbs are grouped together, and lit from within. The soft glow slowly changes from light pinks to oranges to blues — all colors that can be found reflected in the waters near artist’s native coastal town in Peru. As the LED lights change, the patterns and markings on the orbs’ surfaces become strong and then soft, making the installation’s feeling different from moment to moment.

The orbs capture the mystical quality of the forty-two pre-Incan Uros Islands that are off the coast of Puno. The actual islands are made from totora reeds that grow in Lake Titicaca, a material utilized all over Peru for building. Inspired by the islands and the totora reeds themselves, Amoros created the orb installation to rise from the surface, just as the islands do.

The resulting installation, which can be enjoyed at night from the street as well, creates a visual tie to the ornate Gehry ceiling, drawing your eye to the floor and back up again. Miyake’s expertly cut geometrical clothing is poised on mannequins surrounding the organic installation, a contrast that creates a cohesion in the space. Grimanesa Amoros’ “Uros,” can be seen during regular business hours or glowing through the windows late at night.

+ Grimanesa Amoros
+ Issey Miyake Tribeca

photos © Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat