GrowNYC’s NYC-wide compost program recently surpassed a new milestone by hitting two million pounds of food scraps! Through collections from 30 drop-off locations around the city, the initiative has successfully diverted an incredible amount of waste from local landfills. The two million pounds were collected in just two short years since the compost initiative began.

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GrowNYC’s innovative composting program was first made possible by Speaker Christine Quinn and the New York City Council, who funded seven collection sites back in 2011. Over the past two years, New Yorkers’ interest spurred the program to expand to 23 more drop-off locations, and sparked a furthered partnership with the NYC Department of Sanitation.

The 30 drop-off spots are located at the city’s many Greenmarkets, so customers can conveniently drop off their food scraps before picking up fresh vegetables for their week. Customers can bring a mix of vegetable peels, coffee grounds, apple cores and leftovers and place them at any of the greenmarkets’ big collection tubs. GrowNYC then picks up the collected compost to take to one of their large-scale composting sites, where it is either worked into fertilizer or turned into renewable energy.

The success of the compost program reached a milestone with the collection of the two millionth pound, a quantity that would stretch compost from Inwood to Bowling Green, which is all being reused instead of taking up space in the city’s landfills.

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