When you live in a city as large as NYC, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of touch with your surroundings. To help bring perspective and a child-like wonder back to urban dwellers, Israeli entrepreneur Eiran Gazit wants to create Gulliver’s Gate, a Kickstarter-backed 40,000-square-foot miniature world featuring replicas of some of the globe’s most famous landmarks. Inspired by the tiny realm of Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels, this proposed interactive landscape would combine elements of the real and the fantastical in a bid to create the “world’s greatest miniature world.”

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Gazit, who is the CEO of Gulliver’s Gate and founder of Mini Israel, believes that the addition of a large-sized miniature model park of Manhattan would not only serve as a major tourist attraction, but would also offer educational opportunities with on-site classrooms and learning workshops. Gulliver’s Gate also plans to incorporate advanced technology, such as the ability to control phenomena in the display using mobile apps or even your voice, to make the mini world as interactive as possible. From skyscrapers to railways, the designers hope to replicate the dimensions and details of the model in a precise manner, down to the millimeter.

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In addition to crowd-sourcing funds on Kickstarter, Gulliver’s Gate hopes to gather ideas from backers on what stories and elements to add to the fantastical midtown Manhattan world. Backers who pledge at least $100 will be given the opportunity to step inside a full-body 3D scanner so that a miniature replica of their persons can become a permanent part of the display. If you’re interested in bringing this tiny scale Manhattan to life, you can head over the Gulliver’s Gate Kickstarter to show your support!

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