Congratulations are in order thanks to the tireless work of non-profit Habitat for Humanity. On October 29th, HFH finished repairs on a Coney Island residence damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Although all of the organization’s projects are significant, this one was especially meaningful as it marked the 100th home repair since the deadly storm wreaked havoc in the area.


Although the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy may be a particularly painful day for those who are still reeling from the effects of the storm, Neptune Avenue homeowner Margurie Batts felt grateful on that day. “Habitat for Humanity has been a Godsend,” she said. “The dedication of the staff and volunteers that come out rain or shine to help those of us still living with the destruction from Sandy has been truly remarkable.”

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Batts’ home was severely damaged during the storm, which completely flooded the rental apartment in her basement. Over the last two months, the Habitat team gutted the apartment, installed new sheetrock and floors, repaired the electrical system and plumbing, and even landscaped the back yard.

The second anniversary of Sandy not only marks progress in terms of community recovery and repair, but also brings in a new partnership between the city’s Build It Back Sandy recovery program and various non-profit and community organizations. Under Mayor De Blasio’s new guidelines, residents affected by Sandy can now use federal aid to hire groups like Habitat for Humanity to repair their homes.

According to Habitat for Humanity real estate director Mike Gilliard, in the two years since the super storm, more than 3,000 Habitat volunteers and 10 Americorps staff have gutted 61 damaged homes, rebuilt 33, and have began construction on another six.

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Photos by Elizabeth Graham