NYC’s first-ever LEED Gold restaurant will be opening in December – and somewhat surprisingly, it will be an Applebee’s. Up until now, the American chain eatery hasn’t exactly had a reputation that coincides with being green, healthy or sustainable, but hopefully having this new medal under their belt will change some of that. The new restaurant, which is currently under construction at 117th St. and Pleasant Ave. in Harlem is expected to open on December 10th.

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The new Harlem Applebee’s location is currently “gift wrapped” in a green covering boasting its LEED status and when complete, will feature a casual dining environment for 350+ diners in addition to a host of environmentally-friendly upgrades. Some of these include rainwater and daylight harvesting, waterless urinals, LED light fixtures, Energy Star equipment, living walls and bamboo chandeliers. At the front of the restaurant there will be a Green Education Touch Screen, which will inform customers about the features that make the restaurant environmentally-friendly and the benefits of living in a green environment.

“It’s about being a good neighbor, both locally and globally,” said Zane Tankel, Founder and CEO of Apple-Metro, Inc. which operates over 40 Applebee’s locations throughout the New York area. “We are focusing on green practices and are on a regular schedule of renovating and remodeling our existing restaurants to ensure that Applebee’s in New York City is becoming more environmentally-friendly.”

The new Applebee’s will be hosting a VIP Opening Party on Saturday, December 8th and all proceeds will be donated to a local neighborhood organization. The restaurant will then officially open to the public for lunch at 11am on Monday, December 10th.