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On October 29th, the crane on a $1.5 billion luxury high-rise construction site partially toppled over from the Hurricane Sandy’s high winds. Although no injuries were reported, the guests and staff at the luxurious Le Parker Meridien were told to evacuate.

Norma’s delicious gingerbread creation adorns the hall that was once left empty after the mass exodus. The soaring gingerbread replica of the half-built high rise is covered with aqua and grey fondant, except for the exposed gingerbread at the top representing the floors still under construction. A candy cane crane is affixed to the front of the gingerbread high-rise, with a broken red and white extension dangling precariously over the street scene below.

The lively street scene is chock full of gingerbread New Yorkers. Street signs are drawn out in detailed frosting, while fondant police barricades block off the site. Cookie taxi cabs, fire trucks and pedestrians are deliciously anchored to the fondant blacktop with white frosting.

The ginger spice Hurri-crane will be on display at Le Parker Meridien until January 6th.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat