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Even though it was freezing yesterday morning, Times Square-goers were able to warm their hearts by gathering around the new sculpture for its inaugural match. The heart-shaped sculpture, fabricated by Kammetal, is made up of a series of pink and red tubes that radiate from the heart’s lower point and bend and contort to form the heart’s peaks. Each tube doubles as a periscope, and is lined with mirrors so that when one visitor looks into an end, he or she can see someone looking back into the corresponding side.

Stationed around the base of the heart-shaped sculpture are a series of platforms that coincide with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Visitors may mount their appropriate zodiac platforms, and peer into one of four corresponding tubes that lead to their astrological matches.

Much like love itself, the brightly colored form appears to be a confusing tangle of tubes from some vantage points and a clear heart from others.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat

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