This summer, visitors to Governors Island will get to enjoy not one, but two City of Dreams Pavilions made from recycled materials. Izaskun Chinchilla Architects’ gorgeous Organic Growth will be joining BanG’s Billion Oyster Pavilion on the grassy knoll of the island’s parade grounds this year. The colorful canopy will look like a series of flower bouquets from afar, but will be made from recycled elements like old umbrellas and bicycle wheels. If you love the look of Organic Growth, head over to Izaskun Chinchilla’s Kickstarter page and help them get the project off the ground!

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For the first time in history, the FIGMENT City of Dreams Pavilion jury (myself included) was deadlocked between two innovative entries, so we decided to select them both! Organic Growth will bring a burst of color to the island, offering visitors a comfortable, shady place to take refuge during a day in the sun.

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Organic Growth is made up of tree-like structures that “bloom” with multi-hued umbrellas donated by local New Yorkers. The pavilion also uses car rims and tripods as bases, as well as bicycle wheels as support for the clusters of umbrellas. Once assembled, the umbrellas will protect visitors from both sun and rain, while creating a cozy place to congregate.

After the season is over, Izaskun Chinchilla Architects has found several local recycling places that take in both bike wheels and tripods. The firm has also designed a series of chandeliers made from the broken-down pavilion.

You can support the beautiful pavilion and also nab some great perks, like gorgeous laser-cut cards, jewelry and accessories designed by Izaskun Chinchilla by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign!

+ Organic Growth Kickstarter Page

+ Izaskun Chinchilla Architects