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Greene Street NYC is a partnership between lifestyle brand SPƎNGLISH, artist Chris Choi and green advocate Veronica Menendez to create incredible murals using no paint. Instead, Choi uses a subtractive process, employing the grit and grime of the streets as his “medium.” Exhaust from vehicles, trash and general New York City gunk have rendered many buildings in the city with a thick layer of dingy coating, and Choi’s power-washing method takes control of this dirt while also bringing awareness to it.

Choi’s artwork comes in the form of stencils, which he draws, cuts out and then sticks to a dirty wall. Then, using a power washer, the areas left exposed are cleaned and brightened. When the stencils are removed, a design etched in dirt is revealed. This reverse graffiti process makes the streets more beautiful with unique art, while also drawing attention to the dirt and pollution problem on our streets.

If you’d like to help bring this exciting vision to life, click the link below to contribute!

+ Greene Street NYC Kickstarter

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