We’ve written about the Water Tank Project – an initiative to transform some of NYC’s most iconic structures into revolutionary, water-themed art – and now they need your help to bring their vision to fruition! They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to wrap over 100 of the city’s iconic water tanks—scattered across all five boroughs— with striking visuals by artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Jeff Koons and Jay-Z . By enlisting the vision of world-renowned artists and the minds of today’s leading sustainability experts the project seeks to instigate a global think tank on new approaches to water sustainability – and you can be a part of it by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling.

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“Art has this tremendous power to transcend and transform,” explains the Water Tank Project’s creative director, Mary Jordan. As artist, activist, and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jordan hopes that the project will not only heighten senses, but also awareness and commitment to change. Educational partnerships with schools, a symposium on global water issues and numerous ways to tap in online—via the project’s website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or interactive App by design dynamo and Fuseproject founder, Yves Behar—will engage a wider community in conversation about the power and possibilities of both art and advocacy.

Grounded in the inspirational power of public art, the project will feature the work of student and celebrated artists alike: Works by Andy Goldsworthy, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Jay-Z and Marilyn Minter will be carefully curated alongside artwork selected from the community and local high school students. “The art serves to raise our collective sight, our spirit and our dialog about the urgent need to protect and sustain the planet,” Jordan affirms. “Ultimately I hope that its effect trickles into every corner of society, from personal routine to public policy.” The sky’s the limit.

To find out more and help support this visionary project, visit The Water Tank Project’s Kickstarter page.

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