A herd of larger-than-life glowing rabbits is coming to New York next week as part of an environmental bunny trail tour. Created by Australian artist Amanda Parer, Intrude consists of seven enormous inflatable rabbits lit internally with LED strips. Although some may be quick to pass off the large nylon bunnies as just another quirky art installation, Parer’s artwork has a deeper ecological message.

Although the puffy bunnies are undeniably cute, the sentiment behind the art is a serious one. Rabbits were first introduced in the artist’s native Australia by settlers in 1788 and have since caused a great imbalance to endemic species. Leaving a trail of ecological destruction wherever they go, the rabbits are considered an out-of-control invasive pest in Australia and continue to defy eradication attempts. Through her work, Parer is trying to encourage people to be more conscientious about protecting the environment in which they live.

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Amanda Parer Rabbits Intrude

The Intrude installation has already hopped around various cities, including London, Perth, Paris and Boston. Its New York stop will be just one of many on its North American tour. The installation will open with a massive rabbit inflating event on Sunday, April 17th at Brookfield Place and run until April 30th.

+ Amanda Parer
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Images via Amanda Parer website