Goats have been making a reputation for themselves lately as industrious employees, especially when it comes to NYC parks. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park recently hired a herd of the hungry helpers to assist with the ecological restoration of a massively overgrown area of the park known as the Vale of Cashmere.

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Employed by the Prospect Park Alliance at $15,000 for the season, the goats from Green Goats Farm will be used to restore the long-forgotten area, which has been overgrown with invasive greenery such as English ivy, goutweed and poison ivy. The goats will also have to move around quite a few obstacles such as felled trees and remaining damage from hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

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When not at work, the goats, many of whom are older milk goats rescued from the butcher, will be spending late spring and summer in an enclosure where visitors will be able to stop and thank the hard-working munchers. According to Sue Donoghue, president of the Prospect Park Alliance, educational events with the herd will be planned.

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Via The NY Times

Lead image via Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova/Shutterstock