Back in October, Hevo Power announced that its new wireless induction EV chargers that look like manhole covers would be arriving in NYC in the first quarter of 2014. Now the company is reporting that they’ve signed a contract with New York University’s Department of Public Safety to install two of its innovative EV chargers on-site for the department’s security vehicles to use. The project is being funded by the NYU Office of Sustainability and is the first contract that Hevo Power has received.

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The NYU project isn’t the only contract in the works for Hevo Power, since the company has also received interest from many governmental and commercial organizations. An undisclosed automaker has also signed on to make Hevo Power EV chargers available for their customers, and Frito-Lay and the Department of Defense have also signed contracts.

“The Department of Defense (DoD) is going to have the single largest electric vehicle fleet in the world by the next couple years and they’re growing exponentially in that field because the lifetime cost matters,” Hevo Power CEO Jeremy McCool.

Hevo Power is now in talks with other U.S. cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, and Minneapolis.

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Via: CleanTechnica