Photo via HOMU by Daniel Isengart

New York based artist Filip Noteradaeme’s Homeless Museum of Art has been popping up around the city for the last ten years, and now it can be found on the High Line. The “world’s smallest museum” consists of Noteradaeme, a booth and a small collection of objects. High Line visitors interested in the bizarre mobile art gallery can meet Noteradaeme and engage with the HoMu near the 23rd Street Lawn through July.

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Visitors are welcome to enter the HoMu every Tuesday in July, but the museum’s capacity is only two at a time. The window of the museum-stand functions as reception, the front desk, a director’s office and the exhibition floor. The artist’s aptly named performance, “The Director is In,” takes place when he is perched behind the information booth/office, where he is available to engage in conversations with passersby.  A stuffed coyote named Florence Coyote sits to the side of the booth, and is the Director of Public Relations for the HOMU.

Noteradaeme  has been doing the tongue-in-cheek performance underneath the High Line in Chelsea’s art district for the last three years, before being invited by the Friends of the High Line to bring his installation to the park.

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