Coinciding with the recent reports that New York City’s recycling rate is dwindling, beverage company Honest Tea is bringing awareness to Times Square. In collaboration with GrowNYC, RecycleBank, Coca-Cola Live Positively, Global Inheritance, and Five-Boro Green Services, a 30-foot-tall recycling bin stood ground in the middle of the heavily trafficked tourist center. Yesterday, the giant recycle bin collected more than 15,000 beverage containers from citizens that will be recycled into elements for a community garden.

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The larger-than-life bin appeared as part of an all-day event on April 30th called The Great Recycle. Aside from collecting cans, plastic and glass bottles for recycling, the event will feature an urban garden in Times Square, complete with picket fences, edible and flower growing beds, and gardening information. The garden will act as a model for a school garden that will be built at Harlem’s PS 102 school.

Visitors brought their bottles and cans and trade them for Honest Tea goods, t-shirts, reusable shopping bags, tickets for sports events, concerts, Broadway shows, jeans, and video games. The bottles and cans will then be collected and recycled into gardening supplies like shovels, watering cans, and plastic lumber, which will be featured at the pop-up garden in the form of benches and flower bed dividers. The supplies will then be donated to the new Harlem school urban garden.

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