This weekend, bike enthusiasts can get a taste of the good life from some of the top restaurants in Queens. A foodie cycling tour following the route of the 7 train from Long Island City to Flushing will serve up samples from hot dining spots, food carts and markets, all in an effort to bring cyclists together and raise awareness for the Queens bike loop, which connects a series of small parks throughout the borough. And besides, who doesn’t get a little peckish on a Saturday morning bike ride?

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The Queens Bike Initiative is organizing the special tour, which kicks off Saturday at 11:30am at John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City. The caravan of cycles will follow the Queens bike loop, stopping at Turkish markets in Sunnyside, Phil Am in Woodside, Little Tibet in Jackson Heights, and other tasty venues along the way. The feast will end in Flushing at the New York Food Court.

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Queens-based food expert and amateur cyclist Joe DiStefano will lead the tour. Tour organizer Sergio Peçanha told DNAinfo that DiStefano’s lack of riding experience only lends to the goal of the event. “We want to make the point of biking for everyone and to emphasize that bike connection means business, too,” he said.

The cost for the tour is $30, including food at each stop. Reservations can be made via Paypal.

Via DNAinfo

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