It looks like NYC’s City Council has no problem looking a gift horse in the mouth. As reported by the New York Times, the Council voted last week to cancel Mayor de Blasio’s latest bill to confine industry horse carriages to Central Park. The mayor won over a lot of supporters during his campaign by promising to ax the park’s historic horse-drawn carriages. But since taking office, his tone has changed quite bit, mainly due to the contention between industry leaders and animal activists, as well as everyone else with strong opinions on the matter.

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The latest move on the mayor’s part was trying to find a compromise that would focus on reducing the size of the horse carriage industry and restricting the carriage routes to inside Central Park. Additionally, the bill called for committing $25 million towards renovating a Central Park stable as a new home for the working animals, effectively keeping them inside the park at all times.

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However, as reported by the Times, the bill was canceled due to the Teamsters union pulling its support last week, citing the future endangerment to the horse carriage industry. After the bill’s collapse, Mayor de Blasio, who has said previously that it is cruel to make the horses pound pavement on Midtown streets day after day, has pledged to continue the fight.

“The people of this city know what I believe,” the mayor wrote in a statement, “and we will work toward a new path on this issue.”

Via the NY Times

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