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We’ve already coveted Charlie’s super-efficient DIY studio apartment complete with built-in storage stairs, excessive shelving and loungeable loft space. The other characters’ pads are just as sweet, and Ballinger even shares the spacious floorplans and mock-ups on her website. Hannah and Marnie’s comfortable Greenpoint two-bedroom shares a dimly lit kitchen/living area, larger-than-average-for-NYC bath, and nicely-sized bedrooms. As a resident of the neighborhood, this writer immediately noticed that the girls’ living space differs from the stock of railroad apartments that unfortunately dominate the area.

Shoshanna’s girly studio looks even larger than it does on TV from a bird’s eye view. Complete with quirky décor that fits her personality to a T, the apartment is bigger than most early twenty-somethings in New York can call home, with a giant L-shaped space that could easily be the same square footage as a one-bedroom. Adam’s T-shaped man cave is even more unbelievably large, with separate bedroom, living room, work area, and kitchen, all decked out with vintage furnishings that make sense for a Brooklyn dude. The pretty dubious home even has room for his gym without having to move furniture around.

With the soaring rent prices in New York, we have to say that the living spaces of the Girls characters seem pretty unrealistic for them considering their lack of steady jobs. But hey, that’s TV for you, right?

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