Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed more details about the proposed 16-mile Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX), an electric streetcar line that would serve the growing waterfront communities in the two boroughs. Whether you love it, hate it, or think there are better ways to spend the money, there’s no denying that the BQX would slash commute times for about 50,000 riders each day along its route from Astoria, Queens to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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As seen in the chart above, the proposed line promises to cut commute times by as much as 55 percent between certain stops according to travel time estimates released by the mayor’s office last week. On average, riders would save 15-20 minutes of time on each leg of their journey, as compared to existing transit options.

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The mayor thinks it’s high time the city invested in the booming waterfront community. “People in neighborhoods like Red Hook haven’t had the quality transit they need and deserve,” he said in a statement. “This new service means opportunity for those families, and it’s also going to strengthen communities up and down the waterfront. Anyone can see the enormous growth happening here – it’s time we brought new transit to these neighborhoods for all those people and jobs.”

Construction of the BQX line, along with other new development along its route, is expected to cost around $2.5 billion and create 28,000 temporary jobs by 2045. The mayor’s office estimates that the line will create $25 billion in revenue over the next three decades.

+ Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Office

Images via Shutterstock and Office of the Mayor and Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector