Trick or treaters in the New York area may have to figure out how to fit their Halloween costumes over snowsuits this year. Hurricane Sandy is heading out of the Caribbean and is expected to hit NYC this coming Monday but could last until Wednesday. Reports say that this “Perfect Storm” could morph into a haunting combination of a hurricane and a winter snowstorm,  leaving thousands without power.

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In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, meteorologists are calling the freakish storm “Frankenstorm”, but if all goes as predicted, that may be the most Halloween spirit that East Coasts kids will get to see this year. Experts are predicting that Frankenstorm’s fusion of high winds and snow could cause up to $1 billion in damage across the East Coast area.

Meteorologists are suggesting that people stay in as heavy rain, flooding, winds and snow are expected, along with the danger of power outages and fallen trees. Hurricane Sandy has already caused at least 45 deaths in the Caribbean, and is now making its way toward North Carolina, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

These warnings may sound all too familiar, though last year’s Hurricane Irene did not cause the extreme damage that experts had predicted. But so far, Hurricane Sandy is much more powerful, and has a 90% chance to morph into the Frankenstorm that meteorologists are warning us about. We recommend you play it safe and stock up in some extra Halloween treats and a spooky movie to keep your trick or treaters happy at home.