Over a year after Hurricane Sandy ripped whole planks away from its surface, the Rockaway Beach boardwalk is finally starting to look a bit like its old self. While much of the boardwalk’s original wood was destroyed, some of the material will find a new life as part of a two-and-half-mile section of future beach walkway. Parks Department carpenters are currently working to connect the boardwalk between Beach 35th and Beach 39th Streets using the salvaged boards.

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Closing the gap will help towards the goal of completing the boardwalk by this spring, albeit with some endangered bird-related complications. When completed, the raised walkway will span from Beach 9th St. to 60th St. Construction workers will lay salvaged supports from the old boardwalk across concrete pile caps to create a frame for the new path. While the storm swept away large swaths of the boardwalk from Rockaway Beach and Rockaway Park, portions constructed with concrete near Arverne and Far Rockaway managed to fare better.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen wood salvaged from the Sandy-battered boardwalks turned into something new. Reclaimed wood from the Coney Island boardwalk has been seen remade into a heart-shaped pavilion, and wood from the Atlantic City boardwalk was also used to construct this cocktail bar in Brooklyn.

via The New York Daily News

Images © Daniel Avila/NYC Parks