In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg has emerged an Obama supporter. In a press conference earlier today concerning the clean up of hurricane damage, the mayor announced that he will be backing President Obama for reelection. Bloomberg went on to explain that Obama would clearly be the best candidate to attack the urgent issue of climate change.

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Bloomberg has been vocal with criticism for both Obama and Mitt Romney, not publicly aligning himself with either man. The mayor himself is politically independent, but now has chosen to side with the Democratic candidate.

Both Bloomberg and Obama recognize the serious affects of climate change on the world’s weather system, which has been increasingly evident with the extreme weather we’ve experience in the past few years. The intensity of Hurricane Sandy has further brought this issue and its importance to light for the Mayor, who has been dealing with restoring his ravaged city. Perhaps if the destruction from Sandy did not occur, Bloomberg would still not support either candidate.

Aside from Obama’s dedication toward fighting climate change, Bloomberg stated that he also supports the president because of his views on abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

Bloomberg had announced earlier last month that he would personally donate $10 million to $15 million in support of candidates in state, local, and Congressional races, which may now extend to the Obama campaign.

Via The New York Times

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