HWKN created a dynamic platform and pavilion called Wendy that combines water canons, air cleaning capabilities, and a massively cool, spiky-armed design. The pavilion is covered in nylon fabric treated with groundbreaking titania nanoparticles that actually neutralize polluting airborne particles; Wendy will clean the NYC air to the equivalent of removing 260 cars from the road. In addition to its unique air-scrubbing material, Wendy features spiky arms that spray water and push out blasts of cool air and water mists that are sure to make this summer’s hot and humid days exponentially more bearable.

Like HWKN‘s pavilion, each of the designs by 2×4, Pentagram, and Bruce Mau Design have been coated in titania nanoparticles to clean the air as they are worn. All profits from the sale go toward helping build Wendy this summer. The products, which are non-toxic, are available through the Meet Wendy site, and will be coming soon to all MoMA design stores. Support Wendy and buy a few to start cleaning the air in your ‘hood!

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