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It looks like HWKN left no sustainable stone unturned at the new MenScience shop. The rustic, reclaimed wood walls juxtapose smooth dark steel with environmentally-safe low VOC finishes and the shelving pieces are modular and beautifully strong, allowing for fresh design concepts and displays at a moment’s notice. HWKN co-founder Matthias Hollwich noted the comfort and ease of the design, saying, “The store design breaks down the barrier between customer and product and invites people to test and explore the MenScience products.”

Low energy LED light fixtures exude a warm and intimate glow, while the unique location’s dual storefronts allow for tons of sunlight and passive cooling through cross ventilation. Of course HWKN scores its biggest points by refurbishing a brick and mortar store, rather than building new. Their beautiful concept revitalizes yet another SoHo storefront we can’t wait to walk by!