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Inhabitat favorite Kim Holleman was there with her Trailer Park holding court at a prime location right in front of the New Museum’s doors and inviting guests to take a shady break and relax inside the plant-filled pop up park. After taking a load off, many headed over to the mobile sketchbook project, then onto DS Institute’s Closed Loop Sauna, where their sweat was transformed into energy. As things heated up in the portable sauna, attendants collected visitors’ sweat, and transformed it into an active ingredient for an electrical battery, making it grow in power as guests sweated out their impurities.

Back in the parks on Chrystie, interactive recycling installations taught both adults and children that upcycling and art go hand in hand. The familiar Plastic Bag Mandala offered a decorative place for visitors to recycle their own bags, adding color and weaving a piece of their own story into the giant mandala with every bag added. Kids were invited to participate in sustainable building, by adding to the massive bamboo and zip tie structure, which turned into a sprawling and ever growing playground.

Once again, the Ideas City Festival engaged New Yorkers from the five boroughs and excite them on innovative projects in recycling, composting, art and idea exchange.

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