Well, it’s finally happened—cats have achieved what their doggy nemeses have been reveling in for years: a place alongside their human subjects at designer cafes. The Purina One Cat Cafe is a new pop-up coffee shop that welcomes anyone to come and meet adorable, adoptable cats while enjoying a cup of joe. It’s happening in Manhattan this weekend, so if you love kitties as much as you love caffeine, head on over for some love! Cuddly furry friends from Long Island’s North Shore Animal League will be the stars of the show, so get ready for some ankle-twining affection if you plan to stop by.

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San Francisco, Oakland, and Montreal now have coffee shops where cat lovers can go to be fawned over by affectionate felines, and more cat cafes are scheduled to open all over North America in the near future. Pet aficionados who might not be allowed furred companions in their apartments can head down to these places for some purr therapy, and those in search of companions may find the ideal friend to take home with them.

The Purina One Cat Cafe in Manhattan can be found at 168 Bowery, from Thursday, April 24th, through Sunday, April 27th.

Via Sprudge.com