Everyone knows that The Incredible Hulk is green, but did you know that he supports green jobs in New York too? Mark Ruffalo, the actor who plays the brawny superhero recently threw his weight behind solar power by encouraging the New York state legislature to sign The New York Solar Jobs Act. It is hoped that the new legislation will increase the amount of power generated through solar energy in NY as well as the number of jobs, and for the legislature’s sake, we hope they pass it. You wouldn’t like Hulk when he’s angry!

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Ruffalo has long supported environmental causes (see him here slamming the fracking industry on The Colbert Report) and believes that solar power has the potential to transform The Big Apple. He even has solar panels on his house! In a statement to Get Solar, the Avengers star said: “We know now the huge potential of solar power, not only as a clean economic energy source, but as a source of something else: jobs.”

“But we all have work to do to help solar reach that potential as part of a driving, vibrant part of New York’s economy,” he continued. “Albany needs to pass the solar jobs bill to help kick-start this job-producing energy source. It’s no secret that I am against the natural gas gold rush going on in America, so I have been on the hunt for viable, job-producing alternatives. This is real energy independence – energy independence that does not make us even more dependent on the fossil fuel industry, an industry that drags us into wars and gouges us at the pump and at the meter. I want real independence, and the way we are going to get there is through renewable energy. ”

Ruffalo is not the only one supporting the legislation. Other environmental organizations that have thrown their weight behind it include The Alliance for Clean Energy New York, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council and most New Yorkers (according to polls, see below).

Ruffalo’s domestic 14 kw solar array has reportedly reduced his electricity bill by more than $1,200 per year. Over the course of the lease, it is estimated that the solar installation will prevent 300,000 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

The NY Solar Jobs Act has won massive support in recent weeks with 80% of New Yorkers surveyed saying they supported it, while 70% said they would vote for any official who signed it (according to GetSolar). With renewable energy getting so much support, it is only a matter of time before New York cements its reputation as one of the fastest growing green cities in the world.

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