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If funded, the dumpster learning center will inform and educate New Yorkers about their neighborhoods. For starters, the inflatable roof could be used as a projector screen to show constantly updating streams of demographics and information about the neighborhood the dumpster is currently visiting. The people visiting the counter-culture public space will hold workshops to create and explore how to build their own smaller, targeted urban interventions like the Inflato Dumpster.

The DUB hopes visitors will enter, visualize, learn, and explore various urban techniques and strategies and leave the structure armed with the knowledge to design their own small public spaces. Initially, the creators imagine they will start off as a small hackerspace, letting local residents play around with LEDs and other off the shelf components.

To make this project possible, the Department of Urban Betterment is looking for to raise a Kickstarter goal of $3,700. Previously the group completed some other urban improvement projects including adding stocked bookshelves to NYC phone booths.

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