New York’s soon-to-be-installed bike-share scheme is certainly gaining speed, and in anticipation of its July inauguration, Steven Romalewski, Director of the CUNY Graduate Center’s Mapping Service, created these interactive maps that plot pertinent data about the kiosks and their relation to mass transit systems, amongst other things. Romalewski analyzed information for the 413 bike-share stations posted on DOT’s website, and built the maps which he then shared on his Spatiality Blog.

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Romalewski took information about the distance of the kiosks to the subway, finding that hardly any kiosks are more than a half-mile from public transport stations. His data also found that the size of the kiosks change as you move away from subway lines, and make certain distinctions between the services in each borough. Most notably he found the number of docks per station decrease as you move away from employment centers.

Take a look at his post for more in-depth look at his findings. For an interactive version, click here.

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