As part of a project proposed back in 2009, Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood will soon be home to a residential prefab high rise. Designed by Peter Gluck & Partners, the 8-story building is a modest project compared to the proposed 32-story Atlantic Yards prefab complex. The building will be manufactured largely offsite in a Pennsylvania facility, cutting down on construction costs, construction duration, and truck pollution.

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The new complex will inhabit the corner of 204th Street and Broadway. Laid lengthwise, the prefabricated cubes will face the street and be capped with glass curtain windows. A decorative color striping will criss-cross the glass panes, creating a subtle “plaid” effect on the building’s overall façade.

Because each of the prefab units are independent, Gluck was able to play with their juxtaposition. The resulting effect is a myriad of glass squares which jut out at different levels. The units are each cantilevered, with some balancing slightly farther than others below or above them. This stacking effect give the building a unique character, at a prefabricated cost.

Now that the project is getting the green light, Gluck estimates the production time of the prefab components to be three months in the Pennsylvania facility. Once the the foundation is laid on the site, assembly of the prefab pieces is estimated to take just eight days. The entire project is an innovative and eco-friendly way to accommodate New York’s increasing population, without adding to our local landfills and keeping emissions at a low.

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