One World Trade Center just opened its doors this fall, but the Port Authority may already be considering selling the entire WTC site. According to an extensive report released this past weekend, Governors Cuomo and Christie announced that the agency would stray from their real estate holdings to concentrate more on transportation. There’s no telling what may now result from the sale of the epic complex, which also made headlines recently after One WTC had to abandon its hopes for LEED certification.

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The Port Authority spent billions of dollars reconstructing the World Trade Center, and if they do ultimately decide to sell it, all signs point to a tremendous financial profit for the agency. It is unclear whether or not Port Authority is considering selling the property outright, leasing it, or partnering with another company, but it will most likely be a lengthy process no matter what the circumstances.

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After One World Trade Center’s many delays, it was revealed that the Port Authority decided to forgo the property’s green features and energy efficiency goals. If financial objectives remain the focal point of the Port Authority’s new venture to sell, there’s no telling who might take the reins, and what changes to the property might result.

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