Screencap from video by Necolebitchie

Rapper Jay-Z surprised fans and straphangers alike when he took the R train to his own concert at the new Barclays Center on Saturday. The native Brooklynite made like a local and turned to green transportation to get to the show at the very PT-friendly arena. Although he caused quite a commotion as fans tried to snap photos and shake his hand, the train brought Hov and all of his fans safely to their destination.

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Jay-Z entered the Canal Street subway station in Chinatown flanked by two beefy security guards, and the trio got on the R and sat alongside fellow commuters to the Barclays Center. Aside from christening the center with eight sold out shows, the performer also opened an outpost of his 40/40 Club there.

The Barclays Center is the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, as well as an exciting and green venue for big name musical performance. Positioned to be easily accessible by the bus, the Long Island Railroad and subways (the 2,3,4,5, C, D, N, Q and R all get there easily), the center is hoping to achieve LEED Silver certification. Coupled with a gorgeous public plaza and endless sustainable features, the Barclays Center is a state of the art green beacon for large scale sports centers everywhere.

Via NY Daily News