Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the second stage of the Hurricane Sandy relief package. The final tally came in at 241 to 180 in favor of providing $50.7 billion towards rebuilding and recovery as well as preventing damage from future storms. The first part of the package, which allotted $9.7 billion for a government flood insurance program to continue paying out damage claims related to the superstorm, was okayed by Congress earlier this month.

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The $50.7 package was divided into two parts – $17 billion towards immediate Hurricane Sandy recovery and repair and $33.7 billion for longer term recovery and preventative measures for future storms. The next step for the bill will be to go through the Senate, and then be signed into law by President Obama if it is passed.

The bill comes on the coattails of another $9.7 billion Sandy relief bill, which was signed by Obama earlier this month.