Julian Hoeber, Gravitational Mystery Spots, Chelsea Galleries, Harris Lieberman, Demon Hill #2, trick of architecture, light and shade art

Demon Hill #2 is a small off-kilter room that plays havoc with a person’s sense of gravity through a trick of architecture. Unlike other American gravitational mystery spots, however, Hoeber reveals the trick that makes people who walk into the room feel like they have a bit of seasickness.

Constructed almost completely out of plywood, the room is dizzying and it’s hard to know what is up and what is down. There’s a chair inside, made of the same material, and one wall has been pinched in a diamond shape. A metal frame on the outside of the room gives it tilt, which is partly what causes such a sense of disorientation. This along with some of Hoeber’s paintings and sculptures are on display until October 20th, so be sure to stop by if you can.

+ Julian Hoeber

Via Fastco Design